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Our properties are registered Eden Alternative homes.
Welcome to SentryCare, Inc.

Welcome to SentryCare, Inc.

Founded in 1993, SentryCare is a Mississippi corporation which provides assisted living, long-term care nursing and rehabilitative services. The company currently operates homes in Mississippi and Arkansas and has also operated homes in Louisiana.

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SentryCare is an active participant in the Eden Alternative, an international resident directed operating philosophy which focuses on the elimination of the three plagues of long term care institutions: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. "It encourages the Elders to have companion animals, it creates the opportunity to care for other living things, and it promotes variety and spontaneity in their daily life thereby enlivening the Elders' environment." With the Eden Alternative, our goal is to create "habitats for human beings rather than institutions for the frail and elderly."

Those homes which adhere to the higher standards of the Eden Alternative may apply to membership on the Registry. Approximately 200 homes in the Unites States and Canada are listed on the Eden Registry, including all of the SentryCare homes. Peach Tree Village and Magnolia Village are the first two homes in the United States to achieve Milestone 4, the highest Registry status.

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